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Attack List

Below is a list of all the DBZ attacks.


Makousen: A Ki blast that are gathered in your arms and are shot one after the other.
Supa dodonpa: Same as Dodonpa, but stronger

Soukidan: A round energy ball formed in someone's hand that looks and is thrown much like a Genki Dama

shishin no ken: A person splits into two and then into two again forming 4 copies of the person. The four parts can each fight independently, but each has ¼ the power and speed than if all four were one

Chou Kamehameha: This is Gokuh's ultimate Kame Hame Ha and is used on Piccolo Daimo

Ashide kamehameha: The ability to fire a Kame Hame Ha from your feet

Bukuujutsu: The ability to fly using one's Ki

Shougekiha: An invisible ki blast that is shot out of someone's hands or eyes

Tsuibidan: A Ki blast that can track the target

Mafuuba Gaeshi: A move used to reflect the mafuuba back at whoever fired it

Hara no Ni Kou Geki: A move used by Fat Buu where he rips some of his body off and wraps it around his target. Whoever is wrapped up can not move

Chikyuu hou Kai No ichi Geki: An attack used by Kid Buu that blew up the Earth

Jin Rui Zetsu Metsu kou Geki Super Buu uses this attack. He finds every single person on earth's ki and then fires out a blast that kills every person it hits

Kiyou ken: An attack where the person performing it gets down on all four and acts like a wild animal, thus confusing his opponent and catching him off gaurd.

Fuyujiyon: The ablitly to fuse with another person.

Youkaieki: An attack where your head splits open and you shoot out acid

Taiyouken: The character Puts his hands in front of his face and the attack generates and amazing amount of light, which blinds the opponent.

Masenkou: This blast is formed by holding your hands above your head, one behind the other, and the blast is fired when the hands are thrown forward/brought down

Makankousaupou: This is Piccolo's finishing move. Piccolo's Index and middle fingers are brought to his fore head the gather up energy. Piccolo thrusts forward his arm shooting out the blast. The blast has one straight ki shot and another blast that coils around the straight Ki blast

Kakusandan: Holding each had in front of you, you shoot out two Ki blasts and bring them about the target. Then the two blasts are split up into many smaller Ki blasts and these blasts can be controlled to hit many different people

Giyaritsuku Hou: A move that is powered up like a Kame Hame Ha, but when the attack is fired the hands are separate and the palms are facing the target

Jan Ken: A childish attack like the game "paper, scissor, rock" where you either attack with a eye poke, punch, or slap

Kame Hame Ha: An attack where the person cups both of there hands on the side of there body. They than yell Kame Hame Ha in intervals "Ka..me..Ha..he..Haaaa" unleashing a powerful Ki blast

Rou Ka Fuu Fuu San: Yamucha's finishing attack where he crouches like a wolf and charges at his opponent

Guru Guru Gama: You spit a gum from your mouth that wraps around your target and doesn't allow him to move

Zanzoken: The person using this attack moves so quicklu that they leave an image of themself behind. The person then attacks from another spot

Kamehameha Gaeshi: Using one Kame Hame Ha to counter another Kame Hame Ha

Dodon Pa: A blast shot out of one finger that explodes when it hits its target

Akumaitokousen: When the Ki blast hits you it causes all the evil in your heart to expand making you explode. If you have no evil in your heart the move will not work on you

Shiyouken: A move that causes two arms to grow from the person's shoulders

Chounouryoku: A move that is performed by putting either one or two hands infront of you. With the move you can control someone's movment or cause them to fell pain

Kikouhou: The person using this blast puts the finger of each hand together and there two thumbs together. An energy blast is formed around both hands and when the blast is fired it it very powerful, but sacrifice's the life force of the person performing it

Mafuuba: a blast of energy that traps the opponent in it and then the blast is controlled into a container where the enemy is trapped. The container is called the Denshi Jar. The Mafuuba kills the person performing the blast

Iaigiri: A fast slicing motion that is performed with a sword

Genki Dama: An attack where Goku stands with his arms in the air and gathers the energy of all the living things on that planet. The energy is formed into a ball and is thrown. The strength of the attack depends on the size of the planet